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We primarily partner people with a revolutionary company that enables clients to automate their mining and trading of Bitcoin. Their automated system is made easy and affordable by offering entry in set Bitcoin units, or ‘packs’.

Each package costs the equivalent of 50 Euros (paid in Bitcoin). From the date of purchase, the Bitcoin pack is then paid back by regular payments of approximately 1% per day for 140 trading days (5 days a week). These payments are a combination of any profits generated and your original capital.

At maturity, you will have received payments adding to a total of 140% of the original Bitcoin you invested.  That’s a return on your investment of 40% in around 6 months.  These returns are after all fees charged.  You’d struggle to find a better rate of return in the current investment market.

The propensity for growth becomes phenomenal when returns are re-invested, and the compounding effect kicks in- for example, just 10 packs (approx. $800Aud re-invested through 365 days becomes a staggering$8100!)

You can also refer people, although this is only if you wish to! You don’t have to do anything to gain your daily return, However…. You earn 10% from a direct sign-up. You can also earn 3% off tier levels 2 and 3. With it going all the way down to 12 tiers earning a staggering 32% total commission in your downline

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